Phoenix happiness

Phoenix happiness

Phoenix’s new video for “Trying To Be Cool” (with “Drakkar Noir” towards the end – the best part!) is definitely video of the year! Confetti, flying doves, motorcycles, shimmering dance, and that awesome rainbow jacket! It’s fun fun fun in every single shot. I stand by the belief that Phoenix songs are three-minute, golden nuggets of pure happiness.

The video also reminded me of how tremendously fun their live shows are. I remember being in front of the stage at Primavera Sound (best festival I’ve ever been to so far) four years ago, Thomas Mars stepping in, grabbing the mic and immediately opening with “Lisztomania” without skipping a beat. My heart felt like it was just about to burst with intense happiness and excitement. All throughout their set. Ahhh words cannot express how I love this band.

+ A list of the Top 20 Phoenix songs, according to Consequence of Sound. I agree with 1901 being top 1, and I think Lisztomania should have the top 2 spot. Pure happiness!

+ And here’s the best throwback photo ever. Phoenix loves me at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, summer of 2009:

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