Sista Natten

Sista Natten

I’m on Spotify! Me and my friends Kniven, Kalle and Carolina recorded this song in less than 20 minutes, one summer afternoon three years ago in Stockholm. My voice is as raw as it can be, there was no second takes! Sista Natten is a melancholy song about a couple who knew that they would be spending their last night together (Sista Natten means “Last Night” or “Final Night”), so they had to make the most of it. And they’re at a beach. 🙂

I remember everything! We were hanging out at Kniven’s place after eating hotdogs in the park. I had time to spare before meeting up with Andy and Suzie at the British Embassy. At that time I was doing an internship with the Philippine Embassy and was invited to an international beer fair (I miss working at an embassy, all the lux perks, fun conferences and snazzy networking). Then all of a sudden, we were making lyrics to a Swedish song and Carolina was coaching me how to pronounce the words right, and then I was in front of the microphone singing with Kalle. Then I had to fly out into the summer dusk, trying to catch a bus at Centralen to take me to Djurgarden, I was running late. I asked for directions because I didn’t know that part of the city. Felix said, “Just follow the road downhill, be like water!”

That particular day lasted forever. We ended up at Tradgarden after the embassy event, I remember Andy stealing an American flag and bringing it with him everywhere we went! When Tradgarden closed, we ended up at the most luxurious bar in Stureplan (it was terrible!) and eating at Mc Donald’s at 4 am. Me, Suzie and Felix walked around Berns and  Nybroviken and “borrowed” a raft from one of the docked boats. “Get your bags Angel, we’re going on a little trip!” and away we drifted, floating in the middle of the lake, singing Radio Dept. songs and gazing at the infinite blue-grey waters and sky.

This song brings me back to my life in Stockholm! Especially to that one scintillating summer floating in a bubble – I didn’t know how long I could keep on doing that, but I had my friends around me and we were having a good time. The constant trying and the luscious breaks in between, the afternoon picnics, the balmy midsummer nights spent at Tradgarden. I was living in my dream city after all.

It brings me back to how it felt to be like water.

Kniven Islands Àr en vacker ögrupp i Söderhavet. Tillsammans bildar öarna formen av ett hjÀrta. Dit tar sig turister frÄn hela vÀrlden för att ha semester. Ofta uppstÄr romanser mellan öns besökare. Efter sista natten reser de hem till vardagen och trÀffas kanske aldrig igen. Kvar finns bara minnen och hoppet om att en gÄng fÄ ÄtervÀnda.

Kniven Islands is a beautiful group of islands in the South Pacific. Together the islands form the shape of a heart. Here tourists come from all over the world for their holidays and often, romance occurs between the island’s visitors. After their final night, they travel back home to everyday life, perhaps never to meet again. What remains are memories and the hope of one day to return.

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