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All Across the Hours – 2012 Retrospective

2012 has been a great year filled with awesome music, and the year I started dj-ing as Ice Hotel. Here’s a retrospective I made to remember and celebrate this sparkling year. The title is from the Beach House song “The Hours”, definitely my favourite song of the year (and “Bloom” my favourite album!) Enjoy!

Ice Hotel // Scandinavia Night (Birthday Special)

Tomorrow night at TAPE, 22:00! See ya!

Our first Spotify DJ is back! Ice Hotel is born in the Philippines with a Scandinavian heart. She spreads a big love for danceable indie pop, sparkly electronica, melancholy chillwave and fuzzy shoegaze wherever she finds herself in. TAPE is the place on Friday 13 July for infectious melodies, fun dancing and a simply gezellig time!
Also, she’s having her birthday soon – so friends, future friends and fellow lovers of feel-good, irresistible, sparkly music come dance and celebrate with us! Welcome!

Ice Hotel // Friendly Galaxy Party

DJ Wichje and Ice Hotel!
Photo: Jeroen Trispel

Last Friday, I dj-ed at Luxor Live for my friend Melissa’s awesome Friendly Galaxy Party. It was great fun! I made a playlist that was sparkly, spacey and dancey to follow the intergalactic theme (enter silver shirt and face glitters). The result: a mix of thumping Daft Punks and Chemical Brothers, laser-firing Robyns, dreamy New Orders, attitude-y M.I.A.s and dancing feet-tickling Crystal Castles to name a few. Plus, I got a little help from my dj-elves of the night Mark and Willem who’s back from Australia! DJ Wichje was my partner that night – it was my first time to do a duo set and what can I say, it was awesome and two times the fun! Our music are different from each other but suprisingly, it works very well- a good combination of soft + hard, electric + smooth, pop + rap, Angel + Devil (our dj-duo name haha)!

I prepared a playlist for you guys of what went down that night, enjoy! See ya later space invaders. 🙂

Ice Hotel // Friendly Galaxy from angelf on 8tracks.

Ice Hotel @ TAPE

Friday night was super fun! I dj-ed at TAPE and played Scandinavian indie pop, electro, shoegaze, the usual Angel sound. It was my first time to play at TAPE (and in Arnhem!), so I was curious to see how people will take it. From the smiles on their faces, the shuffling on the dance floor, the buzz in the air and the feedback I got, they liked it! 🙂 Some nice people even came up to me to say that they loved the music! Ahhh.

Good music should be playing everywhere! It’s such an important thing, but often taken for granted. Good music can change your mood in a heartbeat and can instantly make you feel better.. even great! And if I can give people a happy, sparkling feeling on a Friday night, then I am already happy!

And it doesn’t even have to be so complicated, good music is good music. You don’t need to be a “professional” DJ to get a crowd going. Well.. but I guess you have to have an impeccable taste in music! Hehe.

Here are some more action shots from last night:

I might do this again soon, I’ll keep you updated! For now, I leave you with one of the lovely tracks from last night, enjoy!

Jonathan Johansson – Blommorna (Niva Remix) by NIVA

Now playing // Todd Terje – It’s the Arps EP

Now listening: Todd Terje’s It’s the Arps EP. Incredible! It feels like running in outer space, at least that’s how I think it would feel like. Dashing through Saturn’s rings, scaling the moon, comets whooshing by, with your pet unicorn galloping next to you. Something like that!

If it sounds good to you, there’s more where that came from! Lots of awesome Norwegian electronica geniuses at my DJ night at TAPE on 30 March. See you there!

DJ Ice Hotel @ TAPE Arnhem 30.03 – 22 uur

I’m DJ-ing for TAPE bar on March 30, Friday at 22.00! It’s Scandinavian night in the Netherlands – danceable indie pop, electronica and shoegaze all night long! YES! It’s also my first time to play in Arnhem, so it’s bound to be epic! 🙂 See you there, spread the northern love!

Here’s the announcement from TAPE’s website:

DJ Ice Hotel


Onze eerste Spotify DJ heeft zich aangediend. En wat voor een! DJ Ice Hotel is een Filippijnse met een grote liefde voor Scandinavie. Oftewel, deze kokette dame gaat dansbare indiepop, electronica en shoegaze uit het noorden draaien. Zij aan de ene kant van de bar. Speakers, dansvloertje en leuke mensen aan de andere. Het feest kan beginnen!