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Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Caspar David Friedrich - The Wanderer above the mists, 1818.

“Often categorized as a rationalist philosopher, Wollstonecraft demonstrates her commitment to and appreciation of feeling in Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. She argues that subjective experiences, such as the transcendent emotions prompted by the sublime and the beautiful, possess a value equal to the objective truths discovered through reason. In Wollstonecraft’s earlier works, reason was paramount, because it allowed access to universal truths. In Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, however, reason serves as a tool for reflection, mediating between the sensual experiences of the world and an abstract notion of truth (not necessarily universal truth). Maturation is not only the acquisition of reason—the view Wollstonecraft had adopted in Original Stories from Real Life (1788)—but also an understanding of when and how to trust one’s emotions.”

Sugar and spice and everything space disco!

Photo by Lin Strensrud

One of my favourite DJs Lindstrom from Norway is releasing a new album called Smalhans. You can stream the album and read a short interview here. As a follow up to the more experimental Six Cups of Rebel, Lindstrom returns to what he is known for with Smalhans: irresistible electronic dance music with shimmering pop melodies. I love the vintage synth sound and the uplifting progressions. I read that he had a little help with the final mix from Todd Terje of Inspector Norse fame (also one of my favourite Norwegian music magicians!), what a perfect combination. I love all of the tracks!

A rather cute detail about the track listing: each song is named after a traditional Norwegian dish. For example, Vos-sako-rv is actually vossakorv, a sausage with real meat unlike regular hotdogs in Norway that is “20% meat and the rest is crap”. Eg-ged-osis is an egg and sugar mixture Lindstrom liked as a kid. Here is a visual guide to Lindstrom’s aural (and culinary) space adventure:

Track 1: Råkost salat

Track 2: Lammelår

Håvard Egge /

Track 3: Eggedosis

Astrid Hals /

Track 4: Vossakorv

Track 5: Faarikaal

Track 6: Vafler

Alf Børjesson /

Now it’s kind of hard not to imagine these dishes while listening to these dreamy songs. A bit funny and trippy at the same time. 🙂

It’s rare to find electronic dance music like Lindstrom’s, songs that are “light” enough to listen to in the daytime but still super danceable at nighttime. Perfect for breakfast and bus rides, perfect for pulsating midnight parties. This is EDM just as a I like it – simple, fresh, upbeat without the mainstream thub-thumping of heavy bass. Give me pure blissful melodies, shoot me to the stars with synths! Thanks Lindstrom for another mind-blowing album.

Now playing // Todd Terje – It’s the Arps EP

Now listening: Todd Terje’s It’s the Arps EP. Incredible! It feels like running in outer space, at least that’s how I think it would feel like. Dashing through Saturn’s rings, scaling the moon, comets whooshing by, with your pet unicorn galloping next to you. Something like that!

If it sounds good to you, there’s more where that came from! Lots of awesome Norwegian electronica geniuses at my DJ night at TAPE on 30 March. See you there!