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Dezeen is the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, and the winner of numerous awards for journalism and publishing. As a contributor, I have written about design news and trends during Dutch Design Week. My article about Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nienke Helder’s Sexual Healing project was a top story for several weeks.

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Frame is the world’s leading media brand for interior design, with a focus on innovative and excellent spatial design. In addition to writing Night Fever 5: Hospitality Design, I also contribute articles to the website. I cover design festivals, events and the latest releases and trends on interior design, architecture and product design.

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A list of articles:

Trend Tablet

Trend Tablet

Trend Tablet is an online tool explaining how trends grow, evolve and flow; to help better perceive and understand how trends interact with daily life. It is founded by Lidewij Edelkoort, a highly-influential trend forecaster providing design and lifestyle analysis for the world’s leading brands.

As contributing writer, I write about inspiring trends in Scandinavia, art and design, architecture, film and travel.

01 IKEA fika.jpg Credit Forsman & Bodenfors

Fika: Sweden’s gift to the world

TTCentralen2 (1)

Stockholm Metro: The longest art gallery in the world

The Green Gallery

The Green Gallery

The Green Gallery is an online magazine celebrating the beauty of plants and flowers. The Flower Council of Holland commissioned me to create articles, interviews and features, curating art, design, interiors, fashion and trends that are inspired by flowers and plants.

Enter a lush world of beautiful plants and flowers:

Issue #2

Green Treasures

The Gathering

Issue #3

Floral Treasures: “The return of Art Nouveau” presents floral-inspired art, design, fashion, photography and even music; “Blooming Melodies” explores the most beautiful album covers featuring flowers.

Floral Fever: Our shopping page presents a selection of romantic blossoms and exquisite flowers to wear, relish and love.

Portfolio: Parker Fitzgerald: Inspired by the all-encompassing and magnificent aspects of beauty in nature, American photographer Parker Fitzgerald created his stunning work “Overgrowth”.
Interview: Local Milk’s Beth Kirby: Discover the golden light and shadows of Beth Kirby’s wonderful prosaic and floral world.
Arts Holland

Arts Holland

Arts Holland

Discover the world’s arts district

Online editing, writing, blog concept and coordination, magazine, social media, translation, PR and communications

Website Magazine


Arts Holland promotes Dutch arts and culture to an international audience and markets the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam as the “world’s arts district”. Arts Holland wanders off the beaten path and guides travelers through the beautiful Dutch cultural landscape. We have selected the crème de la crème of cultural places and events, and are therefore the little black book when it comes to cultural travelling.

Arts Holland is a consortium of three leading players in the field of arts, culture, new media and tourism: the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, Netherlands Uitburo and Waag Society. Together with organizations in the field of arts, culture, communication, transport, creative industry and technology, Arts Holland develops a series of tools to help guide visitors through the high-brow cultural landscape of Holland.


Photo: Krista van der Niet (Arts Holland magazine)


As editor for Arts Holland, I was in charge of developing, writing and publishing content to the Arts Holland magazine, website and blog. For almost two years, I developed content and wrote texts about museums, cultural institutions, venues and events for the Arts Holland website and magazine.

Moreover, I have developed the concept of the Arts Holland blog. I have developed the editorial guidelines and standards of the blog and was in charge with managing, coordinating, and linguistically editing the work of our bloggers. As web-editor, I plan content in line with the marketing and communications and social media calendars, which entails setting deadlines and coordinating the schedule with bloggers and the team.

Arts Holland is a consortium of several parties, so it is part of my job to network, alert and coordinate with press relations offices, bloggers, photographers, city marketeers and partners involved in the project with regard to content arrangements (follow-ups of articles, requests for photographs, etc.)

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