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Scandinavia Dreaming (Gestalten)

Scandinavia Dreaming (Gestalten)

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I am the author and editor of Scandinavia Dreaming: Nordic Homes, Interiors and Design, published by Gestalten, a book about inspiring interiors, architecture and design products that show the richness, variety and intensity of contemporary Nordic spaces. You can order this beautiful, dream-come-true book of mine here:

“The nuanced realm of Nordic design has two personalities. On one side, there sits the open, light, friendly, and democratic constituent. And, on the other hand, is its moody counterpart: sleek and sophisticated; timeless and traditional; and deeply rooted in the sensations and juxtapositions of nature.  Within the lines of tile-covered roofs born from the existence of nearby clay deposits and large windows that let in light during the shorter winter days, insight into this special thread of skilled craftsmanship awaits. Scandinavia Dreaming presents dazzling interiors, architecture, and products that show the richness, variety, and intensity of contemporary Nordic spaces.

Artisans fresh from design school breathe new life into the wonted usage of tile, wood, glass, ceramics, and other customarily Nordic materials. Profiles of brands and personalities that have influenced and, arguably, brought Nordic threads to the forefront of design conversations, tell an intriguing story: an aesthetic and historic journey through a vast world of style and heritage. Design firms such as Hay, Ferm Living, and Frama are highlighted and extolled for the new layer of warmth and energy that they bring to contemporary Danish design while honoring Scandinavian aesthetics and a space’s need to be both livable and logical.  Finnish home textiles by Klaus Haapeniemi and Kustaa Saksi prove that the categories of art and décor are not mutually exclusive. Be it the painstaking searches of Copenhagen’s Gubi design house for neglected furniture that needs a well-honed touch before becoming pieces of the current design narrative or the tantalizing sculptures of Oslo-based designers Kneip that illustrate and investigate the phenomena of nature whilst reflecting the gentle coexistence of Nordic architecture with its surroundings, there exists a seamless pairing of the aesthetic and the historical within this iconic tale of design. 

The projects within Scandinavia Dreaming translate to any four walls and readily invite transformation from page to reality. Told through anecdotes from those who live in them and from those who exist in other sectors of the creative community,Scandinavia Dreaming tells of a design school that has a worldwide reputation for its effortless combination of classical restraint and warm materials.” 

Keen On Walls

Keen On Walls

Keen On Walls presents sparkling interiors, design and spaces – with a penchant for design from the North. As founding editor, I created this online platform to showcase original and one-of-a-kind projects and designs, encouraging readers to take a closer look and discover a plethora of sparkling addresses, interiors, design and objects that make one’s heart beat faster. Spaces that make one dream, thrive and live.

Keen On Walls is also a creative communications and editorial agency. Combining high-quality journalistic writing with inspiring, creative and original content, I can bring character, inspiration and a sparkling story to your brand. I offer consultancy and editorial services, as well custom-made editorial and communication products:

Book writing, editing and project management
Websites and blogs
Social media
Lookbooks and vision boards
Press releases
Communication and branding strategy

Let me know what you are looking for, and we can talk about the possibilities. Please send an email me at



Frame is the world’s leading media brand for interior design, with a focus on innovative and excellent spatial design. In addition to writing Night Fever 5: Hospitality Design, I also contribute articles to the website. I cover design festivals, events and the latest releases and trends on interior design, architecture and product design.

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A list of articles:

Night Fever 5 (Frame)

Night Fever 5 (Frame)

Night Fever 5: Hospitality Design unveils show-stopping hospitality interiors from across the globe, as an overview of design trends for bars, restaurants and hotels.

As much of a barometer of design as its successful predecessors, Night Fever 5 is a global overview of the prevailing trends in hospitality design. The luxurious volume consists of three chapters; the first covers bars and clubs, the second features restaurants, and the third is devoted to hotel interiors. This book offers readers 100+ fresh and exciting projects featured on a total of 496 pages. Interiors are featured on 2 to 8 pages that are filled with photos, drawings, sketches, floor plans and of course a description of the design.

Projects are selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach or the project’s unmistakable wow-factor. An extensive index at the back of the book describes each featured design studio including their contact details and the addresses of each venue they have designed.

Release: 13 December 2016
Frame Publishers
Written by Evan Jehl, Angel Trinidad and Matthew Hurst

Read sample articles:

Order the book:


Trend Tablet

Trend Tablet

Trend Tablet is an online tool explaining how trends grow, evolve and flow; to help better perceive and understand how trends interact with daily life. It is founded by Lidewij Edelkoort, a highly-influential trend forecaster providing design and lifestyle analysis for the world’s leading brands.

As contributing writer, I write about inspiring trends in Scandinavia, art and design, architecture, film and travel.

01 IKEA fika.jpg Credit Forsman & Bodenfors

Fika: Sweden’s gift to the world

TTCentralen2 (1)

Stockholm Metro: The longest art gallery in the world

Angel Magazine

Angel Magazine

Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter and online magazine where I feature the world’s most sparkling trends. It is a diary of the things I’ve seen, been to and dreamt of (whether online or in “real life”). Art and design, architecture, photography, current projects and collaborations, playlists, travels, and events in Amsterdam and beyond. Things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster.

It comes out every other Wednesday, straight from my heart, directly to your inbox. Subscribe and read all issues here.

The Green Gallery

The Green Gallery

The Green Gallery is an online magazine celebrating the beauty of plants and flowers. The Flower Council of Holland commissioned me to create articles, interviews and features, curating art, design, interiors, fashion and trends that are inspired by flowers and plants.

Enter a lush world of beautiful plants and flowers:

Issue #2

Green Treasures

The Gathering

Issue #3

Floral Treasures: “The return of Art Nouveau” presents floral-inspired art, design, fashion, photography and even music; “Blooming Melodies” explores the most beautiful album covers featuring flowers.

Floral Fever: Our shopping page presents a selection of romantic blossoms and exquisite flowers to wear, relish and love.

Portfolio: Parker Fitzgerald: Inspired by the all-encompassing and magnificent aspects of beauty in nature, American photographer Parker Fitzgerald created his stunning work “Overgrowth”.
Interview: Local Milk’s Beth Kirby: Discover the golden light and shadows of Beth Kirby’s wonderful prosaic and floral world.
Arts Holland

Arts Holland

Arts Holland

Discover the world’s arts district

Online editing, writing, blog concept and coordination, magazine, social media, translation, PR and communications

Website Magazine


Arts Holland promotes Dutch arts and culture to an international audience and markets the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam as the “world’s arts district”. Arts Holland wanders off the beaten path and guides travelers through the beautiful Dutch cultural landscape. We have selected the crème de la crème of cultural places and events, and are therefore the little black book when it comes to cultural travelling.

Arts Holland is a consortium of three leading players in the field of arts, culture, new media and tourism: the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, Netherlands Uitburo and Waag Society. Together with organizations in the field of arts, culture, communication, transport, creative industry and technology, Arts Holland develops a series of tools to help guide visitors through the high-brow cultural landscape of Holland.


Photo: Krista van der Niet (Arts Holland magazine)


As editor for Arts Holland, I was in charge of developing, writing and publishing content to the Arts Holland magazine, website and blog. For almost two years, I developed content and wrote texts about museums, cultural institutions, venues and events for the Arts Holland website and magazine.

Moreover, I have developed the concept of the Arts Holland blog. I have developed the editorial guidelines and standards of the blog and was in charge with managing, coordinating, and linguistically editing the work of our bloggers. As web-editor, I plan content in line with the marketing and communications and social media calendars, which entails setting deadlines and coordinating the schedule with bloggers and the team.

Arts Holland is a consortium of several parties, so it is part of my job to network, alert and coordinate with press relations offices, bloggers, photographers, city marketeers and partners involved in the project with regard to content arrangements (follow-ups of articles, requests for photographs, etc.)

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