Blog : Beach House

All across the hours

Can I wait the hours
Would it be untrue?
Climb up to the tower
So that you can see
All across the hours

Frightened eyes
Looking back at me
Change your mind
Don’t care about me
Frightened eyes
Looking back at me
Change your mind
Don’t leave without me

It’s deeper than you and me
It’s further than you could see
It’s too much to ask, tell me
It’s all in a glance, you’ll see

-The Hours, Beach House

Setlist: Wild / Equal Mind / Walk in the Park / Other People / Norway / Master of None / Silver Soul / The Hours / New Year / Lazuli / On the sea / Zebra / Wishes / Take Care / Myth / + Turtle Island / 10 mile stereo / Irene

Last night I saw Beach House again, this time at Tivoli Utrecht. As always, they were magical. In those two hours of sweltering grandeur, I felt like my truest self – all shimmering and sparkly, swooning of the feelings tucked in the deepest chambers of my heart, raw and real and alive.

Every line and every note is what my heart is shouting. In the middle of the set I felt light-headed because of the heat and I wasn’t feeling that well, but the music carried me on. Ever-enigmatic Victoria waved goodbye in the end, and said “Thank you for choosing to go and see us, instead of staying in and being cozy.” I’m glad I went.

If you built yourself a myth
You’d know just what to give
What comes after this
Momentary bliss?

Help me to name it.

– Myth, Beach House